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Real Man Made Diamonds

Real man made diamonds refers to those diamonds that are produced by means of an artificial process. This means they are different from the naturally occurring diamonds that are as a result of geological processes that take place in the surface of the earth. There has been a lot of criticism regarding the quality of such a stone compared to the mined stone. The truth is that it has been possible to produce diamonds with even superior qualities to the naturally occurring diamonds.

A man made diamond has led to the prospect of making the beauty of true diamonds affordable to people who are in love with jewelry whether rings, bracelets or necklaces. It is therefore important to have a deeper understanding of what entails a laboratory diamond in terms of what is available and what is not in terms of quality, quantity as well as color. This will ensure your expectations are always in check and not in the case where one would be expecting too much.

In order to have an understanding of man-made diamonds it is important to acknowledge the fact that there are different types of diamonds and is largely differentiated by color. Hence, more than often you will hear one talk of white, black and blue diamonds. All these types are available both as mined and real man made diamonds. However, it has only been possible to produce the white diamonds in very small quantities, a process that is still in development stages.

Blue mined diamonds are very rare and very expensive. In fact many people choose to auction them so as to get the highest value. One might never get a chance of auctioning such a piece in his or her life time again. This means that affording such diamonds is beyond dreams for a man earning average wages. The good news is that this is no longer the case as blue laboratory diamonds are readily available at a much lower price.

Real man made diamonds have affected many other industries other than the jewelry industry. They are being used as abrasives and as cutting and polishing tools in many manufacturing industries. They have also found their use in power technology as high frequency light emitting diodes. This has greatly improved various technological processes in terms of efficiency and costs involved. Man made diamonds that are in production have been found to have better quality than natural ones. A well trained jeweler would find it hard to differentiate a man made diamond from a natural one.


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